cows and


For more than 4 years now we have had our free-range Limousin cattle. At the moment we have 18 brood cows, one bull and 6 calves, but our family is destined to grow!

New calves will be born in the spring and we’re planning on buying new heifers. They are a docile and balanced breed which makes them perfect for the rustic life of this area, where they have 40 hectares of pasture are at their disposal. Come visit us with your children and you’ll be able to see from up close how well our cows live,free to graze in our pastures during the entire year.

Our family of horses is also growing! At the moment we have our dear old quarter horse “Cookie” and her foal Tatezi, two Appaloosas, Camilla and Marisa and the newest member of the family, Pepito, our calm and easy-going Argentinian horse.

The owner, Antonio, is an Equestrian Guide and he will be at your complete disposal with his great passion and 25 years of experience with horses. His professionalism will guide you during horseback rides and he will help you with your first approach to horses, if you have no previous experience.

One of the most peculiar things we can offer you is taking you with us to move our cows from one pasture to another or from the pasture into the corral. We also offer many more activities that will make you feel like real cowboys!

We would like you to know that you’re welcome to bring your pets with you, even your horse!