Common Room

Common Room for our guest

The old stable and its (new) history

Today it is a large space, where you can find board games, books, tourist and information material about the area, but also paper and various colors, to give vent to creativity.

A space to have a coffee in the company of other guests or to have meals in a group ... Yesterday it was the sheep barn (and above the farmer's house (app. WINTER), as it happened in every farm.

We already know of this farmhouse in the Leopoldino land registry (1823). He was called "farm Tragnana", was later called LA Guinza, perhaps taking its name from "guizzo / guizza" dialect, to say source, which gushed out here abundantly, then as today.


  • WiFi
  • Board Games
  • Books (ita/eng/fr)
  • Tourist info
  • Electric coffee/tea machine
  • Kettle
  • Tables and sofas
  • Pets allowed
  • WC