What distinguishes our company, from the many farmhouses in our magical TUSCANY?

An uncontaminated, green, peaceful nature, suitable for conducting what is our flagship: our herd of cows limousines, in the wild!

40 hectares of natural pastures, where our 25 mares live free all year round, together with a bull and the various calves that are born, every spring ... cheering us up and moving us.

The Limousine breed is docile, balanced, suitable for the rustic life of these mountain prairies.

Bring your children! They will be able to see how happy these animals live!

In every season, but especially in spring, the pastures are green, flowery and fragrant ... A REAL DELIGHT OF THE SENSES!

AND ONE OF THE MOST PARTICULAR THINGS WE CAN OFFER YOU, is to take you with us to move our cows from one pasture to another, gather them or divide them into groups, lead them into the pens ... or other ACTIVITIES AS A REAL COWBOY !!

We will do this with our horses, docile and accustomed to walking outdoors, suitable for everyone, experts or not, young and old.

We currently have 6 horses:

The veteran COOKIE, her son TATEZI (Quarter Horse), the 2 sisters Marisa and Camilla (Appaloosa) PEPITO (Argentine) and the latest arrival VEGA.

Cared for and trained by Antonio, the owner, Equestrian Environmental Guide, who with his thirty years of experience and infinite passion, will guide you in the best possible way, both for a first approach to the horse, and for a more demanding walk.

Every animal is accepted in our structure !! SO YOU WILL BE WELCOME WITH YOUR HORSE!