Horse ride and after ... gathering!

Horse ride and after ... gathering!

(I forgot to mention the horseback ride !!)

I have already told you about Horio, our bull and I have invited you to come and visit us, to experience the thrill of a ride in the middle of the herd ...

Good. Today I am here to point out that, if time helps us, the event also includes another walk.You can come and book, as I told you, from Friday evening, or arrive on Saturday before 11.00.In the afternoon there will be a walk toward in L'Aquilaia, from where you can admire an entire horizon that sweeps over the Maremma to the sea. Then the overnight stay, then on Sunday morning, the gathering of the herd, with Horio and family.

The price to pay is variable, depending on what you decide to do. The complete event would include 2 nights, 2 "rides" for about 6/7 hours in total, and meals (in a partner restaurant).

But each apartment has its own kitchen and if you want, you can make meals on your own ...

In short, the solutions are there. If you call 05641768306 (evening) I will give you all the details.

It is not possible for me to price and clearly explain the various variants ... (I did not succeed !! ...)

The scheme I made was so convoluted that you should have called me to explain it anyway ;-)

Remember then: BOOKINGS by May 25th !!