The ability of a dream

The dream of the other night comes back frayed in my thoughts. He stayed inside me. That my ability to stay focused, still and connected ...I think that each of...

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The mouse gave me a dream.

After wrestling with the mouse, here's what I dreamed about tonight.I was in the middle of a clearing, lurking behind a tree with a mossy trunk. They could be these...

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Mouse of country.

Meeting with a mouse is quite common here in the countryside.After all, this is their ideal habitat: uncultivated fields, cherry trees and some hazelnuts, wild wheat and let's not forget,...

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Crazy Calendar.

Have they ever given you a calendar that, for each day, offers you a "philosophical" thought? To me, yes, for 2 Christmases in a row. Now not stand to do...

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Pause from Internet

For family reasons, I take a little break. Where I go I have no internet. Then we'll resend in a few days.In the meantime, think about if you want to...

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Endless personal blog.

They wrote to me in a personal message: <Why did you start blogging? Do you have an editorial plan? A calendar ... an end?To write such a blog, on your company...

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Sunsets and other colors.

It was about 40 years ago, when I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life.A sulphurous yellow sunset mixed with lemon yellow sprinkled with orange. The north...

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Stroll and collect

I went for a walk in what my neighbors call the "grove". It is a place just over 300 meters from the farm, tangled with branches and mosses clinging everywhere.In...

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About cows.

If you go to my website (www.agriturismo la and click ACTIVITIES on the menu, they arrive: COWS and HORSES. They told me… VACCHEEE ???? !!!! But that's a bad...

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