Endless personal blog.

Endless personal blog.

They wrote to me in a personal message: <Why did you start blogging? Do you have an editorial plan? A calendar ... an end?

To write such a blog, on your company website and republish it on social networks ...Don't ... Are you crazy ?? !! ??>

I replied: <But what would an editorial plan be?The calendar ... yes I have it, of the pharmacy ... and what about the goal? Mah !!>

And they again: <What do you think people think of you? You haven't introduced yourself, you haven't talked about your goals… Do you think you can earn money with your blog ?? !!>

I dared to answer, that I was inventing a kind of personal therapy, without any intention, for profit then ... I mostly thought of chatting with people who already know me. I tried to tell thoughts that are in my head and perhaps also in that of those who would read me ...without any purpose ...

And they: <This must not be done !!! >

Yes, I admit it, I am guilty: I HAVE NO PURPOSE I HAVE NO PROJECT I HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL. I just admit that I was thinking of broadening my personal horizons as a 50-year-old who lives in the countryside and has been trying to lead a more rural life for 10 years now.

I only know that for my business you need to socialize as much as possible, with what are the means of communication today: you have to use the web to make yourself known to the world.

Okay. So I might choose a purpose: to make my company known through my daily life. (But this was not the intent).

Of course I am talking about myself and what I have around me… So I will talk about these places where I live, about these places a little lost, with a thousand potential.

Places that have had many stories, some even mystical. Still judged today, interesting (See M.Labro- David Lazzaretti)

Areas that maintain a degree of wildness * high, also because sparsely populated and dodges by mass tourism.

Perhaps for this reason places with a certain and absolute charm.

At least for me, who chose to live there and tell you about it.

* wildness ... seems to be incorrect