SPRING WIND (which does not come)

SPRING WIND (which does not come)

Cats know this

I had a cat that went crazy when the wind blew. Especially when it blew very cold, at night, in spring

He could not find peace until the morning, when exhausted, he curled up in the corner of the sofa.

So, like my cat, I spent sleepless tonight, with a terrible wind that made everything flap and moan inside and outside the house. For me it is an atavistic annoyance, I can't stand the incessant noise and the cold that amplifies in your bones ...

Then upon awakening (so to speak) the anguish had stuck to me, my stomach was a tangle on fire and my breathing was wheezing ...

I think the time has come to use that little bottle that a friend of mine gave me a few days ago. And she 'went to see me with a gift, an essential oil, that of GOOD MOOD!

This is her new interest. She talked to me enthusiastically about this world that she is beginning to know, always supported by her passion and undeniable professionalism.

Essential oils have a great potential, still not very widespread among us, but certainly interesting. These pure, common or rarer essences, massaged on the body or simply in the palm of the hands, smelled alone or in a mix, have the undoubted ability to help our nervous system, some seem to even be able to stimulate, even the immune system ...

For my part, I can say that they certainly relieve stress, bringing breath and anxiety back into balance, the ability to cope with grief, or simply induce you to smile! In short, they infuse you with a certain positivity, which improves the approach to everything we have to face in everyday life.

For me it is like that.So: in addition to walking, assembling colors or beads, weaving threads on bark, as well as breathing deeply, hugging a tree in the woods, ... yes, I smell a little. My GOOD MOOD blend is a mix of orange, cloves, and star anise (and more I can't remember).

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, I know that on Sunday 25th (the day after tomorrow) there will be a meeting on this topic in Salaiola. For more details, contact the "L'Aquilaia Cultural Association" on FB.

If I can I come too, to energize me, lighten me up, protect me and… pamper me.

Because all this never hurts.