The mouse gave me a dream.

The mouse gave me a dream.

After wrestling with the mouse, here's what I dreamed about tonight.

I was in the middle of a clearing, lurking behind a tree with a mossy trunk. They could be these places, but many, many years ago. I saw around many more intricate trees and bushes, huge grasses and ferns… and I was waiting… waiting for my prey.

Motionless, the breath barely perceptible, the heartbeat also slowed down. I felt clear the smell of mint and thyme crumpled under my feet, but also felt a wild smell, perhaps of an animal that had dwelt there before me ...

Suddenly, however, everything is over, a bastard beep beep broke my dream.

What a disappointment! It was so real and magical at the same time!

What a bad awakening, with the heart busy jumping in the chest, in complete turmoil.

In the dream, she is quiet, strong and concentrated, now instead in full tachycardia, soft and upset by that diabolical device that is the cell phone ...

It is a tragedy when in the middle of the night it caws informing you that the so-and-so program has been successfully updated.

I hate this evolved little box, which hangs over you. I hate not being able to do without it anymore.

Up here, when we have no cell phone signal, I witnessed some crazy scenes.

I saw people crying, running with their arms raised, in complete panic, because they did not grab the phantom signal notches ...

Trying to reassure them, I thought about how much we are now annihilated by this absurd need to always be traceable and connected.

But I also struggled to keep myself serious and cooperative. I said <don't worry, there is internet and then I have Skype, I can lend you my mobile phone!> I swear to you, as soon as I said that, there was someone who literally snatched it from my hand!

It happens that after a few days, most people manage to understand that, if the cell phone doesn't work, it's not too bad. They understand that you survive, savoring even better, the relaxation of the holiday.

Everyone begins to remember the times, not so distant, when the evil did not exist. When you left the house and no one was alarmed, at least until late at night. When you went on vacation and phoned Mom once a week, or even resented you when you came back.

In those days it was said that bad news always found the way, there was no escape. It was useless to wait, they would find for themselves the way to arrive, and if they did not arrive, everything was fine, no need to worry first!

Good times!

(I run away, ... they are calling me on whats app and I have to answer ... too bad today I would have preferred smoke signals!)