Horseback riding.

Horseback riding.

When horses lose their shoes.

Everyone can appreciate a walk here, at M. Labro. On foot it is beautiful, but on horseback even better. Many paths and meadows available, with suggestive views in every season. Breathtaking views that scan the horizon to the sea.

Our horses are perfect animals for this experience: balanced and strong, they also offer people with little experience the opportunity to take an exciting walk in complete safety.

Antonio is dedicated to them every day, he takes care of them and respects them, to ensure that they are always well. So well cared for, they always give their best.

Today, however, it is pouring rain, there is dense fog and there is no mention of taking walks.

Antonio then decided to shoe… because with this mud, it's easy to lose your shoes !! ?

In fact, Marisa has lost an iron, so she will be the first to be shod, then Camilla and Pepito will follow. Cookie for now is on her grazing, she is our veteran, she will have her "pedicure" later, as well as her foal Tatezi, who for now does not wear shoes ...

See you soon… Waiting for better days, like the one in the photo below.A presto…