The ability of a dream

The ability of a dream

The dream of the other night comes back frayed in my thoughts. He stayed inside me. That my ability to stay focused, still and connected ...

I think that each of us, more or less, is aware of having lost these "faculties".

Primitive beings certainly had this knowledge intrinsic within them.

If not, no survival, no evolution, no progress or conquest.

For the man of those times it was essential to have acute and reactive senses. Without that balance between him and nature, there would have been not tomorrow, there would have been no opportunities to improve one's existence. .Today, where everything seems to have been achieved, we realize that our overnourished brain has often become useless and the meaning of life has also been lost.Our existence, so full and complete, is in reality often inconsistent. The bond with ourselves and with what surrounds us has become distracted and superficial.

We feel now more than ever, the need to regain our dimension of being thinking and creative. We must seek that ancestral balance, which helped our ancestors to arrive at what man is now. Go back, before everything, even the good things, were dragged into the crazy frenzied vortex of today's world.

We increasingly feel the need to get closer to nature and its elements, to the energies that circulate around and within us, for a more positive status.

You can try to practice Qi Gong and Taji chi around here, for example. (Association “I 5 Archi“ Arcidosso) *. Or follow a seminar, like the one we hosted here on a farm for 3 years (Way of Nature - with John P. Milton) *.

Whether for an annual course or just for a weekend, there are many possibilities to dedicate some time to ourselves, to help us strengthen our inner consciousness, our psychophysical well-being ...

I have to welcome guests, who have come from Rome to spend Easter, here on the farm, to "disconnect" they said.

We will finish and expand on this topic in the next few days.

See you soon and BEST WISHES to all!

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