About cows.

About cows.

If you go to my website (www.agriturismo la guinza.it) and click ACTIVITIES on the menu, they arrive: COWS and HORSES. They told me… VACCHEEE ???? !!!! But that's a bad word. Why not COWS ??? !!! ??

When more than 50 ago, I drew my first cow, it was black and white, it was in the farmyard of the farmer from which we went to get milk.

The second I drew, after seeing the "BUTTERI"(Maremma cowboys) gather the herds ... and not herds of cows, those were VACCHE! ... proud Maremma VACCHE(cows) !!

Since then, the idea of COW = dairy cattle, VACCA = beef cattle, was created in my imagination.

In reality, vacche(cows) are all female cattle. And if we humans give other meanings to words, well, we will not open a debate here.

I read somewhere that it was the Lanzichenecchi, who came down from the north, who "coined" the term "MUCCA". Arriving in our country, they came across our cattle and, accustomed to theirs which were gigantic, they said: <these "Mücken"!> Or "gnat" in their language and so it seems that since then, our cows had a new synonym for be indicated.

But tomorrow we will go horseback riding !!!