Mouse of country.

Mouse of country.

Meeting with a mouse is quite common here in the countryside.

After all, this is their ideal habitat: uncultivated fields, cherry trees and some hazelnuts, wild wheat and let's not forget, the nearby stables, with their warm ravines and some forgotten grain on the ground, perfect places to keep the winter supply ...

But now it is spring, the stocks have run out and everything is awakening. So too the little mouse looks for a home ... a new home, to start a family. But the little one made the mistake, that of thinking, that we could live together ...

Wrong. There is not the slightest possibility for us to live together. With regret (because you are such a small creature!) I study a vile trap ...

Hope you're inexperienced enough to get caught, without damage.

The hunt has begun. I put you a piece of biscuit with hazelnut cream… I know that by now the cheese has gone out of fashion too… Junk food, so loved by us humans, is now also your favorite food.

You don't trust the piece of cheese anymore, you suspect. Genetic information of years and years, have made you free from the scent of cheese, but willingly give in to chocolate, to that greasy sweet that calls you from afar.

I am still, immobile,I'm waiting for you. I know you will arrive, you cannot resist.

Zac! The box is closed, you are trapped !!

Small, tiny, scared.

Will you leave your family? I don't know ... now I have to take you far.

I hope you have another chance. I'll take you up, next to the horses, among the haystacks, where I put some walnuts and the rest of the treacherous biscuit, just to start over.

Don't come back to see me, my home is no place for you. I don't have the same patience every day.

Please, pay attention to the buzzard and the biancone, the snakes that are awakening, the fox and the cat that roam around here ...

Live your life ...or be, their life. Goodbye.