Stroll and collect

Stroll and collect

I went for a walk in what my neighbors call the "grove". It is a place just over 300 meters from the farm, tangled with branches and mosses clinging everywhere.

In the summer, if you enter, the shadow assails you and refreshes you.Now the damp bumps you a little, but it is still inviting with these trunks and stones softened by very green and soft moss. Dangling lichens decorate thorny bushes along with tangled seed puffs and rosehip berries.

A small stream also flows inside. Swollen by recent rains, it has formed a sandy loop, which almost defines a perfect circle of lawn, perfectly trimmed by the greed of the neighbor's sheep.

I collect barks, thin twigs and larger, twisted and mossy pieces: I will dry them to assemble them in small dreamy looms, in supports invented to accommodate weaving of strings, wool threads, cotton, pearls, small objects ...

An enchanted microcosm, so perfect ... I will try to cure it and make it usable for those who come to visit me.