Crazy Calendar.

Crazy Calendar.

Have they ever given you a calendar that, for each day, offers you a "philosophical" thought? To me, yes, for 2 Christmases in a row. Now not stand to do fleas to those who gave me this "object", I can still say that the validity of these pearls of wisdom is absolutely questionable.

Usually I don't remember any of these phrases and then as a good "conservative", I put them aside to give them another chance, re-reading them later. Very rare thing that it does, but today I want to make myself a kind of oracle ... I invent a personal divination art (given the precious material that I find in my hands).

I scatter these 3 months of pure knowledge on the table and draw one at random. I'll extract 5. Let's get started.

If I think about my choices, I have not made them in a hurry, but I have always considered my instinct ... then I became aware of the copious obstacles ... I find it hard to change perspective. Luckily Ghandi solves everything for you: <you suffer, you suffer, but then ... you win!>

STOP.This experiment has me a little confused the brain. It will be better that I'm going to take a nice walk.

(I thank again sincerely, who gave me this gift ?)