Manual skills courses and appeals.

Manual skills courses and appeals.

Still fog and rain, Antonio will use his farrier skills again today. And me?

Ok: I cleaned, cooked, read about twenty pages, but I'm missing something funny.

I look hopefully at the huge box that I brought with me, to the farmhouse, and I pull out an old passion, which had the great ability to free my brain: Brooches !!

Brooches are those things that are forgotten on the collar of the coat, season after season ... from year to year, almost for centuries, but the coat or jacket with that pin will always be identifiable, because the brooch is their particularity.

Years ago I collected all kinds of brooches, especially the “pin” ones of each genus and species; with their clear sense of belonging, they were my

favorites.Later I discovered at a market the Trifari brooches (American costume jewelery from the 30s / 40s) I collected them for a while, but in the end I realized that the brooches I preferred were the big, strange, colorful ones, that put joy only, look at them. When I was in the shop, I bought stoles and scarves, just to match my brooches. I used to wear one every day of the week, for every season, for every mood …

Eventually, I started "building them" because I couldn't find any weird enough around.

One day I made a sheep (felt lined with soutage) and an American friend of mine was so fascinated by it that he ordered me a whole flock of it ?

Since then, animals have become my favorite subjects. Cutting, sewing, gluing: the techniques I use are many, often mixed together and it is certain that I will never be able to make one the same as the other!

What is certain is that up here at Guinza, whether with the sun or with the rain, your imagination vibrates and your manual skills are amplified.

What new courses can we offer this year?