Sunsets and other colors.

Sunsets and other colors.

It was about 40 years ago, when I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life.

A sulphurous yellow sunset mixed with lemon yellow sprinkled with orange. The north wind broke your breath and the wonder did the rest: I fell madly in love with M. Labro.

Since then, beautiful skies, mists and clouds have dazzled my eyes, always in search of colors and horizons.

The best ... I have seen the best here, among these barren greyish hills, green, yellow, brown, with a thousand shades.

In winter, cold and clear days have such a blue sky that it almost hurts the eyes. The air cuts your breath, as if to confirm its crystalline purity. When the horizon behind M. Buceto turns red, it is a riot of purple and ochres and oranges ... but what about the bluish and smoky gray metallics ...

The clouds piled by the wind torn, parades, or compact and threatening, of a deep black ... and then, on the horizon, a small fire of sunset.

What to say of the mists, very compact and impenetrable, too 'them a thousand shades: from pink to yellowish to gray ice.

With the almost full moon, it was pure magic walking at night in the garden, with only the white glow of the snow ...

Without a moon, a mantle of stars like few others ...