Horio the bull and his harem.

Horio the bull and his harem.

The time has come to reunite Horio, our bull, with his harem ...

It is now two months since he was separated from his herd. A little time, to regenerate and put on some fat, to be able to face a new season ... of super work.

It is a job that many envy him. He was born for this job. He is the undisputed king, the happy father.

The event will take place on Saturday 2 June, in the early afternoon. In case of bad weather, it will be moved to Sunday morning.

Exactly. I wanxtted to tell you about this. We think that maybe some of you would like to participate in this reunion, riding next to the newfound family, sunk in a western saddle, surrounded by sparkling green grass, jumping calves and plump cows ...

Anyone wishing to try the experience with their own horse is welcome. Just let us know by May 25th.

There are various options, but few places.

At the moment, there are still 3 of our horses available.

You can stay with us, from Friday evening, or arrive before 11.00 on Saturday morning.

For all information on terms and prices or for any questions about the "Horio il toro" event, we are always at your disposal.

Call us from 20 to 22 in the evening at 0564 1768306 or send us a whats app message at 3206867246/3203505418 and we will call you back as soon as possible. You can also send a private message on Fb or use the form on our site.

(Remember by May 25th !!!)