The beautiful horse rides.

The beautiful horse rides.

Horseback riding among these hills is undoubtedly something to try.

Now it's not too hot and the landscape is so lush and green, that coming here can only be a great experience.

If you already know how to ride, you know how beautiful it is to see the world around you, from the back of a horse.

Nature appears more welcoming and it is easy to resonate with what surrounds you.

The horse then, especially if it is a good animal, trained in calmness and patience, will help you to savor both the slow rhythm of a sure and cadenced step, and the more lively movement of a small gallop on the grass.

For those who are less experienced, concrete help will be available from Antonio, who will quickly teach you the right approach to this generous animal, making you try to mount safely, in a protected space.

Cookie, Marisa, Camilla, Pepito and soon a new companion, will accompany you docile and attentive, adapting them too, to your abilities. You must not be afraid of these animals, which are as large as they are peaceful, so much so that they can transmit their serenity to the rider too.

In general, those who come to stay here at the farm always try to ride a horse. Children are especially fascinated by these furry animals, almost as affectionate as a dog or a cat.

Seeing then, from above a horse, the cows in the middle of the pastures, leading them and grouping them for the various movements on the farm… is truly exceptional!

Participating in these small transhumance, it is really fun!

It will be like identifying with the life of cowboys for a day, participating with our horses, but if you wish, you can also try with your animal.

We are waiting for you to try a different and above all rewarding experience.

A single day or a whole weekend, at the slow pace of these places, to recharge and shake off the tensions of every day.