Experiences in nature - A special day, at the Guinza.

Experiences in nature - A special day, at the Guinza.

Like real cowboys in the middle of the prairies, with the sensitivity of people who deeply love nature and animals. All done in extreme safety, wearing tortoiseshell and protective headgear, and clothing suitable for western riding

I'm Antonio, I'm big, because I'm over 2 meters tall, but very sociable, in fact I speak a lot? I speak above all about the things I love to do, about my passions, about my land, but above all I love to listen to and get to know people, to share my life and everything that binds me to these places. I love the place where I live, its traditions, its history and I always try to pass on my feelings and knowledge to others.To improve my skills I acquired the Environmental Equestrian Guide 10 years ago. My farm is my way of living in nature, in contact with my horses and my herd of Limousine cows. I have a small comfortable farmhouse, and above all I have my 40 hectares of pastures, where I raise my beloved cows in the wild. They, the cows, will be the stars of our experience!

What we will do (This thing that I am going to propose to you is suitable for those who have already ridden a few times )

Do you love horses? This is the most important thing and basically, that's all you need to get started. I imagine that, perhaps with a horse, you have already taken a walk, or you have walked a grueling circle in a riding stable ... If you have done it, how or where it does not matter, what we will do together is a new approach.

You will know my horses and based on your familiarity, but also your feelings, we will choose one, and we will try together, without haste, inside the riding school. Only afterwards, we will approach the herd, proceeding step by step, in the middle of the meadows, which every season will reveal different colors and scents.

I will teach you to lead the horse calmly, so that he can guide with you, the cows, the bull and the calves in the right path, in the periodic change of pastures.Each season has its own peculiarities, experience, can have different times and times, which will be agreed with precision, at the time, also based on the needs of the animals.

Where are we going to go

We will ride among the cows, in the meadows. We will discover the particularity of these places, and each season will mark the colors and smells that we will encounter.Hundreds of herbs and flowers, yellow gorse or meadows of Viola Etrusca endemic to this area, will inebriate our sight. Birds of prey (here protected and monitored), a few foxes, a roe deer, a fallow deer, or perhaps a porcupine, will keep us company, in the middle of the farm pastures, with their variable greens, yellows, browns and gray rocks of this place, witnesses of an ancient prehistoric sea. We will accompany the herd to the new pasture, and afterwards, if time permits and if you feel like it, we can continue along a nice path, perhaps until sunset, arriving on Mount Aquilaia, which discovers the breathtaking landscape from the Maremma to the horizon, to the sea.

What will I provide

Safety helmet and turtle jacket

What I recommend to bring to guests

comfortable clothing, long trousers (jeans) and long sleeve t-shirt (preferable) sneakers or boots, a small bottle of water, anti-insect lotion (optional)