The paper marbling process consists in dropping the colors dropwise onto a gelatinous liquid contained in a tub the size of the sheet of paper to be decorated. The colors falling on the gelatine spread out and do not mix with each other. Using sticks or combs you can make various decorations, when the design is ready you pass the sheet of paper gently in contact with the gelatinous surface. The paper will absorb the color, then it is lifted and set to dry.

What we will do:

- Preparation of the gelatinous liquid for marbling.

- Preparation of colors.

- Paper marbling technique with the use of sticks and small combs.

- Execution of marbled paper and other decorative technique.

- Creation of an object with the decorated paper performed (folder, pen holder, bookmarks, tickets)

The course will last for a weekend

It can also be integrated with a more advanced bookbinding course (on request) or with other techniques: glue paper - sponge paper.

A bit of history:

- The various paper decoration techniques spread from the ancient heart of Asia along the "Silk Road", to India and Persia, from where they progressively entered Europe.

- Between the end of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Europeans also tried to make marbled paper.

- The method of decorating marbled and "glue" paper was known above all in Germany where, starting in 1675, the first specialized factories arose, then spread to Italy, France and other countries.)