Awareness Training, Contemporary Solo Wilderness Quests, and Meditation Retreats in Nature

Way of Nature is a global community of creative and passionate souls who are committed to exploring and sharing the liberating recognition of Source Awareness as our true nature. Through this deep awareness blooms new appreciation for, and ever-deepening communion with, the magnificent Earth on which we live and all the life that thrives upon it.

Way of Nature was founded by John P.Milton  a pioneering ecologist who embodies a unique blending of scientific grounding in ecology, with the heart and mind openness of a spiritual seeker.  For much of his life, John has labored to open what he calls "Sacred Ecology" as a new cultural foundation for the West.  Since the 1950's, John has guided thousands of people into the wilderness, sharing with them experiences and practices that cultivate a profound connection with Nature and, ultimately, Source Awareness.  He calls this path the Way of Nature.  From this path, he has developed the  12 Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation, which naturally unfold as one becomes attuned to their true inner nature through direct experiential awareness, as is often achieved in Way of Nature's foundational program, Sacred Passage

"The great healing" occurs when you connect to our essence,

communing with nature

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