And the black arrived at the gates of darkness.

And the black arrived at the gates of darkness.

.I'm crumpling the pain, crushing it into a sheet of paper. It was the letter I was writing to you, the one you will never read.

Everyone has his pain, and takes care of his mind so that it is not overwhelmed by the deep blackness of starvation... or sinks into a dense, oily and smelly liquid, which envelops and suffocates you inexorably.

Our Scottish tea will wait for a new karma, but I know that we will meet again, perhaps at the moment in which we left each other, full of projects and good intentions, for 2 different lives, apparently so different, but always 2 worlds similar in feelings…

I know we will recognize each other, even if leaves in the wind.

We will understand who we were for each other and we will forge new bonds.

I lost you in a dream, with a dark sea and a dim moon veiled by even blacker clouds. I shouted your name, but you didn't answer me...and yet you were there a moment before, together we barred the doors to the monster, but he found you. I will never forget the anguish of losing you. Forever.

And today two months without you. Forgive these tears.