The importance of rain.

The importance of rain.

Grass gold.

We know the rain well, it gets bored right away, but in April, it's pure gold.

Like every spring, the expectation of the new born is great. Now in the pastures, the first calves jump and play, happily sucking that nectar of milk, which the grass makes rich and sweet.

There is no comparison between the calves born in spring and those in late summer, because the rainy months enrich the meadows, fatten them, and the small animals, feed on the swollen udders of mothers cows. satisfied and fed ...

It is a joy to see them, so energetic and happy. Every animal is happier after the spring rain, even if the temperature drops again, and up here in the mountains the snow peeps, it doesn't matter.

The important thing is to feed and live.

And in the green it is even more beautiful.