Forced mackerel techniques.

I am looking for news about a little bird, which for a few days I have seen fluttering in front of my house.

They are a couple actually, and they are nesting: they hopping tirelessly, in and out, with their beaks full of moss or twigs.

It would be a fantastic thing, if they hadn't chosen the boxwood that borders the pool as their home ...

No, it's not that they're boring, quite the contrary. The problem is that that hedge, at times, must be treated with an insecticide, due to a caterpillar that infests it and eats it, until it dies. Therefore, if an invasion should occur this spring, we must absolutely intervene.

At that point, what will happen to small tenants? They could be poisoned by the pesticide ... they could succumb.

What can I do? I tried to dissuade them, and stationed stirring up the branches of the plant ... I turned on the radio a ball for hours ... but nothing. To them it still seems like a fantastic place to start a home, because indefatigable, as soon as I leave, they return.

They trust me, they know that I am not a predator, nor a threat. This thing makes me happy, but at the same time it anguishes me ... I would never want to be the cause of their demise ...

I would not like them to lay eggs and suddenly they were forced to abandon the little ones inside the nest ...

I will try again to convince them that the boxwood is a potentially dangerous place: I put myself next to the "hole" they use to enter ... I sing out loud, as only I can do (here, where no human can hear me).

Tomorrow I hope to have obtained the sad but deeply hoped for result.