Good luck?

Good luck?

Insects & reality

In the photo, a detail of a rock of Mount Labro, where as if stuck in the fat little plant, there are a lot of ladybugs.

I think this thing happens every year.

Going up to the tower, the last rocks you find on your left side, have cracks where these little insects congregate ... I found them, even in winter, exposed to the sun, inactive, as if they were sleeping ... perhaps hundreds of them.

I absolutely don't know if this thing is normal and has a scientific explanation, but again, everything seems to be realigning, to the mystic feeling of this place. It is certainly curious to meet, here, at the mercy of the winds, at an altitude of 1200 s.l.m., a scarlet gathering of these nice beetles, to which propitiatory abilities are also attributed ... But beware, only ladybugs with 7 dots bring luck !!

In fact, if you inquire about them, he says that then so nice and pretty, the ladybug is not at all. Their ability to fight harmful aphids, therefore their use in biological control, in the cultivation of some plants, goes hand in hand with their essence of relentless predators.

Investigating it turns out that: they are cannibals, they eat their own eggs, and absolutely "carnivorous" tendency, in the sense that if they do not have aphids, they have no offspring on hand, they adapt badly to eating vegetables ... They would be useful, but to raise them , due to their hunger, it is almost impossible ...

And that's not enough. Do you know why they are so flashy? Because like many beings of the animal and vegetable world, being so, they warn their predators ... Red = danger ... they are poisonous and stinking!

Has a myth fallen?

I have to say no to me, I still like them and their color bursting with energy, makes me think of spring.