Here, at the La Guinza farmhouse ...

Here, at the La Guinza farmhouse ...

Getting to know a character like John P. Milton * was really exciting. Equally beautiful and interesting, it was hosting the people who from all over the world (Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Morocco, Argentina, United Kingdom, Italy ...), came to meet him, to learn his teachings.

Meeting new people is always exciting and stimulating. Each with its peculiarities, with its history, its ways of doing.

You are not able to establish a relationship with everyone, but the important thing is a positive and curious contact.

The days to be together are often not many and there are many things to do ... There are those who find it easy to introduce themselves and express themselves and those who are more reserved.

As far as I can, I always try to accommodate everyone by doing my best, trying to accommodate each individual with the particularities of him. I always try to be available, but with due respect, trying above all not to be intrusive.

By now in these 10 years, real friendships have materialized. It is fascinating to build and above all to maintain these relationships, regardless of being able to attend or not.

I firmly think that a lot is facilitated by the context of these places.

For example, after having taken a nice walk all together, on the M.Labro, one feels more and more relaxed and also more communicative.

You can also be tired, but after seeing and breathing that landscape, your soul is so nourished that talking and talking about yourself becomes easier ...

Nobody remains indifferent to M. Labro. Everyone, even those who are not inclined to any kind of spirituality, are able to feel its energy or, in any case, to remain positively involved.

It often happens after a couple of days, especially for those who arrive here from a big city, to have a kind of physiological catharsis: sleep and mood improve, the breath opens and for those who suffer from it, the pain often passes. head ... (I can guarantee that's true, because it happened to me too.)

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