Inside the green.

Inside the green.

And also to yellow.

May ends ... and we, inside, but really immersed in the green ... almost wrapped in the rustle of the growing grass.

A windy and clean air, sweet and flowery smells. Patches of yellow gorse and buttercups rise and sway over a fresh and wild meadow. A little further up, where horses graze, multicolored violets and reddened grasses.A few strands of vetch appear, making their way, entangling the thorny undergrowth with the peduncles, she will be the new protagonist, in the succession of summer colors, with her shaded purple, softened by the uncertain pink of the clover, survived (somehow) to voracity of animals.

Yesterday we moved the cows to the new pasture. They ran across the road, diving into the tall grass, which lapped the bellies and outstripped the little calves.

You could see clearly their happiness, of grazing serene and satisfied, for many more days ...

If he continues this season, fresh and dancer, where drizzles dense, they frequent moisten the earth, they will be free, to enjoy this wonder until late August.