Distance from Guinza: Km 15 - about 30m. of time in the car

The Amiata is an ancient extinct volcano with a large presence of water; its soil was once the site of numerous mineral deposits and today it is the main place in Tuscany to practice winter sports and spend a pleasant holiday.

The most important municipalities of the area are: Abbadia San Salvatore, Piancastagnaio, Santa Fiora, Arcidosso, Castel del Piano and Seggiano; these villages are characterized by the particularity of their monuments, by the history and by the strong attachment to traditions and religious celebrations.

On the mountain there is also the Monte Amiata Wildlife Park, which preserves and safeguards numerous animal species, such as the wolf, which for a long time has been missing from these places, the buzzard, the owl, the badger ... There are also many plant varieties. that find their natural environment: maple, wild cherry, chestnut, holly, Etruscan violet and Scilla.

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