One evening at sunset, on M. Labro (March 2022)

One evening at sunset, on M. Labro (March 2022)


“Walking for me means entering nature. And that's why I walk slowly, I hardly ever run. Nature for me is not a gymnastics court. I go to see, to feel, with all my senses. So my spirit enters the trees, the meadow, the flowers. The high mountains are a feeling for me. " REINHOLD MESSNER

I go up in silence, I am reflecting on my dispersed energy… I feel the weight of the years, of the melancholy of these times, of the sadness for our world.

First of all, I feel the wind: first it caresses you, then at times it overwhelms you. I do not feel discomfort, but the feeling that with its purity and mysticism, it is taking away my tensions. Oxygen fills my lungs, I inhale the smells of the grass, of the wild animals that travel these streets at night. At the end of the climb, I turn around and my eyes penetrate the surrounding space. They too tired, with difficulty focus on that fiery reverberation on the horizon, which is the sea.

I arrive at the floor, under the tower. I keep climbing cautiously on the stones, loose and shaky stones, I am again shaken by the wind, I stagger ... but then I recover: the feeling is greater stability and perhaps ... awareness. I don't know exactly what it is to feel "centered", but I think it is very close to what I am feeling now.

Again I inhale strongly. I exhale slowly. My heart is rumbling, I try to connect with him, I try to slow down his pace. Seeking a semblance of calm. I sit on the flat stones, which are barely warmed by the still winter sun. A slight vertigo, given by the 360 ° immersion in the landscape. From up there I dominate these sparse fields, bordered by thorns, where sheep have been grazing for hundreds of years.

The mountain in front of me appears sturdy, mighty, still a little gray in winter. The look deceives me, because it seems to me to be at the same height as the mountain ...

For a moment I have the solution to all problems, inner peace floods me.

Clinging to the iron cross, prop between you and the sky, I am fighting again with the gusts of wind, cold gusts, which bring me back to the real situation of the moment. The air has gone dark. I have to get off quickly if I don't want to stumble in the dark.

I spent an abundant hour with myself and no other thing, or person. Without realizing it, I find myself in the dark, in the parking lot. I look up, and I see the first stars in the icy blue. I should be afraid, but I feel protected by the energy I have absorbed in this place.

The certainty is that I should give myself the opportunity to visit this mountain more often. I clearly feel in myself the natural benefit obtained.