Praise to white cherry tree.

Praise to white cherry tree.

If I ask where the birds stop, sing and live, there is no more correct answer than "trees".

In this period, there is no tree more enchanting than the cherry tree.

Whether domestic or wild, it offers white and fluffy clouds to the eye. If you look at the mountain, you see these puffs among the firs, among the chestnuts and beeches that are still late or you see others in the midst of the tender and acidulous green of maple and poplar trees. In a group or alone in the middle of a small clearing, these white balls emerge, of various shapes, but always full of white flowers, which will soon give way to tender leaves.

There are many cherry trees here in our mountain, evidently the cool climate favors their growth.

This beautiful tree is a resource for all birds, when it bears fruit, but now it is the "field" of nectar of the bees that swarm incessantly among its flowers ... if you step under it, it is a continuous, almost hypnotic hum.

And when there are cherries, here are the birds again, but not even roe deer, wild boars, foxes, stone martens, mice and baby octopus disdain the red fruits that have fallen ripe to the ground.

Year, was a good year for cherries, but judging by the abundant flowering, we can hope for a new, excellent harvest.

In the meantime, let's enjoy this view, breathing deeply, relaxing under these white leaves ?