RE-Thinking about it

RE-Thinking about it

(Re-read and find out that...)

“… Because worse than a pain there is only the waste of that same pain …… We are living a time. It is a tough time, of course. Time is not ours, and it passes regardless of our existence on this planet. And if instead of talking about the theft of time, we were talking about a lesson to be learned, or more simply about an experience to be lived, it would make sense of this moment and draw the intrinsic teaching from it ... "

In no particular order, I transcribed these sentences from a post by Federica Giannini, an intelligent lady, who often comments on life, in my opinion, flawlessly and with great sensitivity and common sense.

I compared it to what I wrote a few days ago in my blog and found these phrases, much more effective and consistent, certainly better and more productive than "my complaints" ...

We cannot deny time, nor can we allow ourselves to go out, settling into a suffering, of which time is not at fault ... This is the pain of living, which is evident now, but in reality it is already present has always been in our soul… and has always drowned and poisoned our context, our way of conducting our existence.

I speak for myself ... There is no excuse if I feel bad. I have my sacrosanct rights to feel discomfort, but it is not the fault of the time we are wasting. Analyzing thoroughly, I believe that the problem, the feeling of loss, is something inherent in me and that now it opens, aimed at tearing up my personal state of affairs. The defect that this is not only part of me, but that it actually involves, now or forever, many of my peers ... is to be ignored. It is not refutable, but not even admissible, that my complaint forces the reader to "cry" in his footsteps ... The right attitude is awareness, recognizing the inconvenience, and knowing how to draw a benefit, be it ephemeral or lasting, but still advantageous, remarkable and noteworthy ...

How to give my words an effective and pragmatic meaning ... I'm thinking about it.

The important thing for now is to have identified where to start weaving a rebirth.