Distance from Guinza: 35 km. - Travel time 30/35 'by car

Saturnia is a fraction of the municipality of Manciano, in the hilly hinterland of the Grosseto Maremma,

which stands on the top of a hill overlooking the renowned thermal springs located in the center of the homonymous thermal tourist area that extends for a radius of about 30 km between Monte Amiata and the Albegna hills and Fiora river.

The sulphurous waters at 37 and a half degrees have renowned therapeutic properties and give relaxation and well-being just to immerse yourself in them.

However, the contact with nature is remarkable, at the same time harsh as the Maremma can be - especially in the summer - with colors ranging from dark green to yellow, to brown in all shades up to almost black. The flow rate of the source is about 800 liters per second and this guarantees an optimal water exchange. The characteristics of the water are described as sulphurous, carbonic, sulphate, bicarbonate-alkaline, earthy, with the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas and carbon dioxide. The dissolved mineral salts per liter are 2.79 grams.

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