Still surrounded by greenery

Still surrounded by greenery

green and its shades

The new season has begun.

The weather is confusing, as it has been for years. Excessive heat in winter, snow storms in April... little water and at the wrong time, or at least when no one expects it. The ancient proverbs, which linked the announcement of the end of the cold or the arrival of the beautiful season to specific days and events, now have no meaning, nor any confirmation. Everything runs at great speed and shocks our senses; our old acquaintances no longer have a hold on their memories: they no longer remember precisely what once happened in March, given that now you can find yourself at the seaside sunbathing in your bathing suit, just like in the middle of August.

Yet suddenly, here in the countryside, everything seems to realign, because you look around and the grass is growing again, and with it its flowers, its scents, its colors. You don't have to pay too much attention if it feels like Scotland, where you can experience all the seasons in just one day!

The prevailing green is returning and surrounding your little world.

A world away from everything if you want. .

Now I want it, more than ever, this green to fill my eyes, this perfume to confuse my senses, these colors to dazzle my sight.

Too many things are happening and I don't approve.

Too many things are wrong.

Too much pain.

I would like to fall asleep in a comforting dream.

I realize that I have green: peaceful, calming and comforting color. I smell the air impregnated with pollen, hums and chirps.

I also have the memory, but I have only little hope.

Anyone who tells me that we are lucky to live in these places explains to me that here we can still save ourselves or at least continue to live.

But there is only an ephemeral joy, because this, your exclusive world, is too distant from reality.