Technical tests of

Technical tests of "door party".

It happens that there are Locullian "door parties", but it can also happen that, by strange coincidences, everyone brings the same type of food, or they are scarce in carrying everything ... But whatever happens, it is the pleasure of being together, which counts on everything !!

Even yesterday lunch was set up here in the grass, outdoors. We took the first "raid" of the sun. Whoever foresight had brought a straw hat was saved, I ... no. I already have a toasted face (we don't care about wrinkles or sensitive skin ....), I can't help it.

As usual, after coffee, the most fearless moved on to the digestive walk. I must say that few have not followed the instinct to survive (to that good of God that we have swallowed) and have not left. For walkers, the last stage gave the great thrill of living live, the birth of a new calf (baby boy # 3).

Big and huge, small and fragile, cynical, sensitive or skilled, all without distinction, were excited and moved. Yes, because seeing any living being come into the world is always a surprising experience, one that brings you back to the road, of good and auspicious feelings ... Even this "door party" (one of our best inventions) will be remembered for years to come, it will enter the pole position, of our best memories.

(Life is good, even for sheep.)