The "daylight saving" time.

Fortunately the animals don't know this.

No, fortunately cows and horses, all animals in general, ignore the time change.

If this were not the case, we would have no chance of not getting noticed, confused and lost, for at least a couple of weeks, from the fateful day of the fatal change.

They would see us tackle strange dances, from one side to the other, in search of the instruments that we use every morning, but which since yesterday seem to have hidden themselves. (Spiteful ... in the night, between 2 and 3, they changed places ... evil, impertinent, heartless.)

The alarm clock, we have to use the alarm clock, to snatch that vital hour in the morning. I deeply hate the use of the alarm clock. You can't get used to it right away.

Each year that passes is more and more tiring, to connect this miserable "theft" of time to the flow of daily life. At 20, no, I wasn't aware of it. At most a couple of days with a vague feeling of discomfort on him.

And in October, when we are allowed to take over the solar regularity, again the malaise ... You were barely used to it.

 Surely, it is easier to adapt now, at the start of spring, a fertile season with various favors.

When returning to the deep winter "dark", however, it is a bad impact, that of regressing to solar time ...

But who knows at the moment, in this pandemic, what we are really capturing, all of us, but especially the young, wedged within 4 walls ...

Will the discomfort be amplified, exposed to the artificial light of the house, without night and without day, with upsetting schedules, often completely reversed, or will it be completely ignored?

Here in the countryside, summer time doesn't make sense to be. For those who live "outdoors", if the decision is made, to give up, this rule ... I will fully approve.