The lawn and its shapes.

The lawn and its shapes.

For want of better, I could talk about how hard it is for me to mow the lawn the first time.

Especially because I try to save all the small groups of violets, pisciacani and daisies.

I do the slalom with the mower, back up and down, to avoid the flowers that sprout from the grass ...

I get tired for nothing, says Antonio, but for me it is not possible to shave those wonders.

At least not immediately, I want to enjoy them for a while longer, those scented specks in the green.

Antonio, on the other hand, is professional. The part he does is flawless. With method and geometry, he perfectly mows all edges, corners, every puff of grass.

My piece is more messed up, fluctuating, lively, but certainly more cheerful.

Moral of the story: everyone has their own head, even for mowing the lawn.

Now to finish… I'll show you the before and after. True perfection ?