The spring

The spring

Tepid sun

Still warm and indecisive sun at dawn, wet breath and small mists that ripple the light among these pines ... but you can feel the smell of awakened nature, powerful and new, rising from the ground. Strong smell of resin, mixes with the smell of wet earth. The trees sway, still a little cold in the wind. I don't feel like walking, but perhaps being under these haggard pines, scrambled by the wind, is not the best choice now. I walk towards the clearing, where the brooms have invaded my horizon ... Now they have grown and are opening to the south, the first yellow buds, I seem to catch the first scent, wrinkling my nose ... I look like a hound, lost this morning. I am not sure yet to face the path, I am undecided as this sky, which is discovered and covered with clouds.

I was optimistic and didn't cover up enough this morning. A shiver runs down my neck, also because my nose has perceived the sharp smell of some wild animal. What if it's the wolf? A few days ago he attacked the neighbor's sheep: 2 died and 2 were never found again ... is this the reason for my unease? Do I instinctively feel that he is watching me? What do I do if he appears in front of me?

Enough. I have decided to go home. this day is not hot enough and it will be this cold that arouses my fears.

If I were sure that the wolf is really a wolf, which has not had any kind of relationship with the dog, I would be calmer: it would hardly come near me ... but by now I don't know, I have no knowledge of what a wolf can really do , who learned from dogs, that man is a means to survive ... No, I have a really bad feeling ... I hurry to reach the road. And I hurry up. That's enough for today ..