To start over

To start over

It's almost two years since I last wrote. Some geek, he had taken the trouble, to hakerarmi the site, and therefore, all the contents, including the old blogs, were broken up, tangled, lost ... appeared useless ... what and why I should write?

Of course I could continue to do it, since it is only for my pleasure that I do it ... but to everything has been added the empty pond, the infinite limbo, of covid 19.

And it was not a joke, indeed now more than before, we are immersed in this global pandemic

(written like this because it is much more GLOBAL).

But it will pass. It must pass. We must (I must) talk about something else.

For example, let's start with… the seasons? Let's talk about the weather! Not the physical- quantum (very popular at the moment), but just the classical time, that of cold, heat ... The perception is that this year, at least in our parts, has been a good, regular winter, with the right rainfall and above all with snow!

(That is ... Yes after the damage, the insult. Because right now, in the comings and goings of lock down, more or less tight, the beautiful and copious snow, the loaded slopes, the mild weather ... but you can't ski! no ski lift, chairlift, just a few sleds, some snowshoes ...)

What can you do then, if you don't have so much to work (because unfortunately you don't have work) and the snowy day invites you to go out anyway?

You can saddle the horse. And ruffle the uninterrupted white mantle of pastures.

The old Cookie, quivers, but older, she will not be to be mounted. It is up to her son Tatezi, to explore the snowy plains, until the sun warms and shines.