walking slow pace

Contrary to Antonio, who lives in symbiosis with his horses, I… no. I could succumb, unfortunately.

I'm allergic to all animal hair. I could ride a horse if I wanted, but now only with gloves and a mask, still risking an asthma attack, so I better think of another thing to do ...

He then saddles and goes on an adventure, runs around the pastures, while I, on the other hand, I go slowly in step, for less difficult ways, in the midst of this soft snow, which surrounds us today.

Small footprints, in the silence. Smell of resin, cut fir trees, and more silence.

I  pause to breathe, I try to catch the rustle and dripping of the sunny branches, where the snow melts.

Absolute peace, I think I saw a fox, which is following me, or maybe I just crossed its daily path ...

She seems used to man, perhaps too much. However, I can't photograph her, I only feel her eyes, attentive to catch my every movement.

If only I weren't so lazy (yes, because I am), I could immerse myself in this nature every day ... Each walk can be an interesting and profitable journey: there is no better medicine than to go for a walk in the woods with yourself. I am not able to take advantage of the immense luck I have of living in these places.